Upcoming Events

  • Oct 2

    Health Impacts of Mass Incarceration

    Clary Theatre, Student Success Center

    Featuring Evelyn Patterson (Vanderbilt University), Starla Hairston-Blanks (Morehouse School of Medicine), and Xochitl Bervera (Racial Justice Action Center)

  • Oct 18

    School of Psychology Colloquium October 11 "Mechanisms of Contextual Memory and Goal-Directed Behavior in Humans"

    JS Coon 250

    Contextual information plays a critical role in daily life, helping define episodic experience and facilitating the retrieval of goal-relevant memories. Moreover, memory retrieval underlies mental simulation and the planning of future behavior.

  • Oct 19

    How Flamingos Stand on One Leg and Other Reasons to Study Comparative Neuromechanics

    Clary Theater, Bill Moore Student Success Center, 225 North Ave. NW, Atlanta, GA 30332

    School of Biological Sciences Professor Young-Hui Chang used a comparative approach to explain how flamingos stand on one leg. The research can have applications in improving the performance of prosthesis users, railroad workers, and even athletes.

  • Oct 20

    STAMI presents GEORGE M. WHITESIDES, Harvard University

    Room 152, Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, 266 Fourth St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313

    On the occasion of its 2017 Industrial Partners Day and Exposition, the Center for the Science and Technology of Applied Materials and Interfaces (STAMI) is hosting a public lecture by George M. Whitesides, one of the most influential chemists living today.