The School of Psychology at the Georgia Institute of Technology places strong emphasis on scientific research and discovery. Housed in the beautifully renovated J. S. Coon Building, a historical landmark in the center of campus, the School is a member of the College of Sciences. Faculty, graduate and undergraduate students alike engage in an array of wide-ranging topics related to the field of psychology. The School categorizes this research into five program areas: cognition and brain science, cognitive aging, engineering psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, and quantitative psychology.

The School of Psychology maintains excellent research and educational interactions within the College of Sciences and with other scientific and technological disciplines on campus, such as:

  • The Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center (GVU)
  • Human-Computer Interaction Program
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Georgia Tech Research Institute‚Äč

And with other institutions such as:

  • Zoo Atlanta
  • Emory Medical School-Georgia Tech Biomedical Engineering Program
  • Center for Research Education on Aging and Technology Enhancement (Georgia Tech, Florida State, and the University of Miami)