Daniel Spieler

Daniel Spieler

Daniel Spieler

Associate Professor of Psychology
Cognition & Brain Science, Cognitive Aging, Quantitative

JS Coon 229
Computational Cognition Lab


Ph.D. Experimental Psychology Washington University

Research Interests

The overarching theme of my research is interactionism—the belief that human behavior is inherently a function of individuals and the situations they experience. Thus, my specific streams of research focus on better understanding individuals and situations at work in mutually commensurate ways. This includes improving theoretical and empirical conceptualization of “situational strength” (the idea that various situational characteristics have the ability to restrict the expression and, therefore, criterion-related validity of dispositional characteristics); adapting the nature and structure of the Linnaean Taxonomy to the study of situations by creating an updateable, hierarchical taxonomy that categorizes types of situations on the basis of their defining characteristics; and better applying research methods that are relevant to interactionism.

I received my degree from Washington University in St. Louis. After moving around a bit (Binghamton University and Stanford University)I arrived at Georgia Tech in 2001. I'm a member of the Cognition and Brain Science, Cognitive Aging, and Quantitative Psychology areas of the department.  

Selected Publications

  • Spieler, D. H., & Griffin, Z. M. (2006). The influence of age on the time course of word preparation in multiword utterances. Language and Cognitive Processes, 21, 291-321.
  • Ratcliff, R., Spieler, D. H., & McKoon, G. (2004). Analyses of group differences in processing speed: Where are the models? Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 11, 755-769.
  • Balota, D. A,, Cortese, M., Sargent-Marshall, S., & Spieler, D. H.. (2004). Visual word recognition for single syllable words. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 133,283-306.