Jenny Singleton

Jenny Singleton

Jenny Singleton

Professor of Psychology and Associate Chair
Cognition & Brain Science

JS Coon 131
Visual Language Lab


Ph.D. (1989) Developmental Psychology University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research Interests

My research investigates how early childhood social and linguistic experiences can shape developing biological systems such as visual attention and self-regulation.  Specifically, my work focuses on gaze following and other visual engagement behaviors observed in the population of deaf and hearing children who are acquiring signed language from infancy.  Through support from the National Science Foundation Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning, I have been able to pursue these research topics using both quantitative and qualitative methods, and am also developing classroom and computer-based applications designed to enhance attention, language, and literacy outcomes for this population.  I am also collaborating with Georgia Tech faculty (Dr. Wendy Rogers and Dr. Tracy Mitzner) on a project investigating the needs of Deaf older adults and how they use technology. Other ongoing projects include Ethics in Research involving Deaf Participants, Sign Language Assessment, National K-12 Standards for ASL Development, Atypical Sign Language Acquisition, and Sign Language for Atypical Users.

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Selected Publications

  • Hauser, P.C., Quinto-Pozos, D. & Singleton, J.L. (in press). Studying sign language disorders: Considering neuropsychological data. In E. Orfanidou, B. Woll, & G. Morgan (Eds.), Research Methods in Sign Language Studies: A Practical Guide. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell.
  • Quinto-Pozos, D., Singleton, J.L., Hauser, P.C., Levine, S., Garberoglio, C.L., Hou, L. (2013). Atypical sign language development: A case study of challenges with visual-spatial processing. Cognitive Neuropsychology, 30 (5), 332-359.
  • Singleton, J.L. & Supalla, S. (2011). Assessing Children’s Proficiency of Natural Signed Languages. In M. Marschark & P. Spencer (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Deaf Studies, Language, and Education (2nd edition). New York: Oxford University Press. p. 306-321.
  • Corina, D. & Singleton, J. (2009). Developmental Social Cognitive Neuroscience: Insights from Deafness. Child Development, 80 (4), 952-967.
  • Singleton, J.L., & Morgan, D.D. (2006). Natural signed language acquisition within the social context of the classroom. In B. Schick, M. Marschark, & P.E. Spencer (Eds.), Advances in Sign Language Development by Deaf Children. (pp. 344-373). New York: Oxford University Press.

  • Singleton, J.L. & Newport, E.L. (2004). When learners surpass their models: the acquisition of American Sign Language from inconsistent input. Cognitive Psychology, 49 (4), 370-407.