M. Jackson Marr

M. Jackson  Marr

M. Jackson Marr

Cognition & Brain Science


Selected Publications

  • Marr, M. Jackson (2013). Tweedledum and Tweedledee: Symmetry in behavior analysis. Conductual, 1, 16-25.
  • Marr, M. Jackson (2012). Operant variability: Some random thoughts. The Behavior Analyst, 35, 237-241.
  • Caballero, M.D., Kohlmyer, M.A., Greco, E.F., Murray, E.R., Bujak, K.R., Marr, M.J., Catrambone, R., & Schatz, M.F. (2012). Comparing large lecture mechanics curricula using the Force Concept Inventory: A five-thousand student study. American Journal of Physics, 80, 638-644.
  • Marr, M. Jackson (2011). Has radical behaviorism lost its right to privacy? The Behavior Analyst, 34, 213-219.
  • Marr, M. Jackson (2011). Some public perspectives on the problem of privacy. European Journal of Behavior Analysis, 12, 447-459.