News and Notes

Julia Kubanek
Apr 19 2021

Julia Kubanek, professor of biological sciences and chemistry and biochemistry, and associate dean for Research in Georgia Tech’s College of Sciences, has been named vice president for Interdisciplinary Research, effective July 1.

Teaching Outdoors During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Apr 19 2021

A total of 40 awards and honors for College of Sciences instructors, thanks to high rankings from annual student evaluations of faculty

Students by Tech Tower
Apr 19 2021

Seven faculty members from five schools in the College of Sciences are among those honored with annual Spring awards from Georgia Tech's Center for Teaching and Learning that celebrate innovation in teaching.

Buzz and Tech Tower
Apr 16 2021

Eight School of Psychology graduate students and early career scientists are recognized for stellar classroom, teaching, and research achievements in 2020-2021.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Audrey Duarte
Mar 26 2021

In celebration of Women's History Month, Georgia Tech highlights the onward and upward trajectory of nine women across campus who are shattering the traditional "glass ceiling" — carving a path for others and for equitable recognition, respect, inclusion.

Randall Engle
Mar 22 2021

Randall Engle, honored with lifetime achievement award from Society of Experimental Psychologists, and credited with breakthroughs on attention control, continues working memory studies

Tech Tower in Early Spring
Mar 16 2021

Students, staff, faculty, will lead a dozen projects focused on building communities of excellence, catalyzing discovery and solutions, and amplifying impact. Funded by the Sutherland Chair, the work aims to achieve goals in the College’s strategic plan.

Zachary Hopton, double major in Psychology and ALIS, has conducted research and studied abroad while at Georgia Tech.
Mar 9 2021

Fourth-year undergraduate Zach Hopton, who is double majoring in Psychology and Applied Languages & Intercultural Studies (ALIS) with a concentration in French, discusses study abroad, research, and his path to finding the right major.

Flickering light strip for Alzheimer's studies on mice
Mar 8 2021

School of Psychology postdoc Qiliang He is building on two mentors' research into gamma wave studies on mice — with work that will eventually include Alzheimer’s patients

Derek Huell is a third-year Neuroscience major on a pre-med track.
Feb 18 2021

Third-year Neuroscience student discusses his involvements at Georgia Tech, career goals, and thoughts and reflections on Black History Month.