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SURE Internships attracts qualified under-represented minority and women students into graduate school in the fields of engineering and science.
Feb 8 2021

On and off Georgia Tech’s campus, there are countless opportunities for undergraduate students to gain practical skills, connections with industry leaders, and hands-on experience through research and internship opportunities.

Depiction of neurons (Research Horizons)
Feb 3 2021

New School of Psychology research shows colors, scenes may dictate how we encode and recall certain memories

An example of deepfake technology: in a scene from Man of Steel, actress Amy Adams in the original (left) is modified to have the face of actor Nicolas Cage (right). (Credit: Wikipedia)
Jan 21 2021

School of Psychology grad student takes on deceptive digital technology with the help of his advisor, an assortment of synthetic media, and the work of a renowned British scientist

Julia Kubanek provides advice on how to approach reading scientific journal artlces for #StraightToTheSource
Jan 12 2021

The social media campaign #StraightToTheSource answered the community's questions by directly examining scientific findings with Georgia Tech experts.

Tech Tower
Dec 10 2020

The Graduate Record Examination will not be required for fall 2021 application into any College of Sciences graduate program. Additionally, three Sciences schools and two graduate programs have opted to permanently #GRExit.

Dec 7 2020

School of Psychology’s Paul Verhaeghen and UNG's Shelley Aikman win funding to continue studies of the science behind mindfulness meditation — and its physical and mental health benefits

Archie Ervin (left) will serve as chair of the newly formed Georgia Tech Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council. Pearl Alexander (right) will serve as vice chair.
Nov 23 2020

More than 50 representatives from across the campus have been appointed by President Ángel Cabrera to the newly formed Georgia Tech Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council.

Keith Oden
Sep 28 2020

Keith Oden, longtime Director of Academic Diversity for the College of Sciences, will retire after serving and building the Georgia Tech community for 35 years.

NSF Grant Awarded to Advance Recruitment of Underrepresented Minorities in STEM Ph.D. Pipeline
Sep 21 2020

College of Engineering and College of Sciences leverage grant to drive diversity across all graduate programs

(Photo Xin Wang/Unsplash)
Sep 18 2020

School of Psychology researcher wins NSF subcontract for measuring AI’s effectiveness in classrooms, along with funding for a U.S. Air Force-related project studying team dynamics in training