News and Notes

Bruce Walker
Aug 18 2017

Composition uses sounds to symbolize the movements of the sun and moon and the gradual darkness they will produce during Monday's eclipse.

Morris Cohen, assistant professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Photo by Georgia Tech)
Aug 15 2017

Scientists have long used eclipses to learn more about the sun and the Earth.

Eclipse-safe eyewear (Photo by Maureen Rouhi)
Aug 15 2017

Here are some tips on protecting your eyes and enjoying the solar eclipse experience at Georgia Tech.

Eclipse 2017 @Georgia Tech
Aug 14 2017

Watch for signs at six locations across campus

Eclipse Exhibit at Clough
Aug 1 2017

The exhibit is only one of multiple eclipse-related activities for the Georgia Tech Community.

Kessler Campanile
Jul 17 2017

Join the Georgia Tech community in activities galore before, during, and after Aug. 21, 2017,

Lisa Yaszek, professor in the School of Literature, Media, and Communications (Photo by Georgia Tech)
Jul 13 2017

How have total solar eclipses been used in popular culture over the years?

A galaxy of neurons
Jun 26 2017

New undergraduate program builds on strength of research across campus, from neurons to behavior .

"Presence" Book Cover
Jun 20 2017

School of Psychology professor Paul Verhaeghen's new book focuses on whether mindfulness can benefit the body and mind.

Lauren Margulieux
Jun 7 2017

The award recognizes excellence in research in education.