Certificates in Psychology

The School of Psychology offers a number of certificate programs that provide similar opportunities for students to develop their expertise and acquire skills or information in specific areas, in addition to their major area.

Certificates in Psychology

  • Certificate in Biopsychology
  • Certificate in Cognitive Psychology
  • Certificate in Engineering Psychology
  • Certificate in Experimental Psychology
  • Certificate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Certificate in Social/Personality Psychology

Requirements for a Certificate in Psychology

A Certificate in Psychology requires a minimum total of 12 semester hours, which generally translates into 4 courses: 3 required courses and 1 elective. All courses for the certificate must have a grade of "C" or better.


The required and elective courses for each of the certificates are outlined in the Description of Certificates.

Application for a Certificate in Psychology

You should apply during your last semester at Georgia Tech (not earlier).

Application procedure

  • Download the Certificate Application Form
  • Fill out the form and bring it to the main office in the Psychology building.
  • The Certificate will be mailed to you 6 - 8 weeks after you graduate.