Winning Poster Heather Roberts takes first place in the College of Sciences Undergraduate Research Symposium for her poster, "Neural Correlates of Cue-Related Response Preparation" (Schumacher CoNTRoL Lab).

Psychology is the study of mental processes and the relationship between these processes and behavior. Psychology researchers have a variety of perspectives on mental processes and behavior and a variety of methods for investigating these topics. The Georgia Institute of Technology School of Psychology undergraduate curriculum provides a broad-based research focused approach to the science of psychology. Courses in areas such as mathematics, biology, and chemistry are required in addition to a strong foundation in psychology courses. The curriculum also emphasizes methodological skills, so students learn the fundamentals of how to ask and answer questions about mental processes and behavior. These skills generalize to many non-psychology work settings.

The School of Psychology offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduates interested in psychology.

  • Learn about majoring, minoring or getting a certificate in psychology and find out more about being an undergraduate in the School of Psychology by visiting the Undergraduate programs pages.
  • More information about how to get involved with current research within the School of Psychology can be found on the Research page. Most prominent involvement includes becoming an undergraduate research assistant, conducting a senior thesis, attending workshops, and becoming a summer intern.
  • Obtain checklists for course requirements and contact information for the undergraduate advisor on the Advising page.
  • Please visit the Courses page to view information about the projected course schedule and the course requirements.
  • For more information, explore the School of Psychology Undergraduate Student Handbook.

If anything is unclear after investigating these resources, please feel free to email our Academic Program Coordinator, Shebbie Murray,  (shebbie.murray@psych.gatech.edu).